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Month: March 2017

listen to a motivational coach

Elevate Your Mindset & Your Life

listen to a motivational coach

One of the most common questions that you would be able to find circulating out there is why anyone in their right mind would be requiring a life coach. In their defense, this just seems like a very good career path for those people who would like to bank on other people’s weaknesses and earn a significant amount of money. This is because the people who would be roped in as clients would be at a very lost point in their lives. Hence, they would not exactly know about what they should actually be doing or what is expected of them. So, by taking them under their wing, they would not only be able to condition their minds to think and act a certain way, but they would also be charging according to per session or sitting. As a result, this would allow them to make tons of money without having to possess any sort of additional skills or exerting any kind of extra effort.

While this might be true in some cases, that cannot in any way be regarded as the common norm of life coaching. This is because life coaching (visit website) is something which is truly much more than that. If you really go to a knowledgeable and experienced coach, you would be able to see the difference with your own eyes. In this way, you might even change your mind about going back to your old way of living.

Therefore, if you seem to be one of those people who need some change of mind, read on below to find out some of the important reasons of why it is high time you need a life coach in your life.

Makes you more accountable

One of the first things that life coaching would be able to help you with is making you more accountable. While it is definitely true that we impose limiting beliefs upon ourselves, we are also pretty comfortable with procrastination since we only have ourselves to answer to. However, all that is about to change when you decide to hire a life coach. Since they would always be by your side, you would have to make sure about the decisions that you are implementing and the consequences that would result.

Helps in saving time by achieving faster results

Life coaching will be able to show you the right way of doing things. In this way, you would find yourself to be getting things done within a shorter amount of time. In addition, if you thought yourself to be the royalty in the kingdom of procrastination, that would also be changed now thanks to the change in your mindset. This is because now you no longer would feel the need to put things off till a later date.

Helps you in coming up with ideas which you never even thought of

By getting an outside opinion, it will help your mind in discovering unexplored places. This would then allow you to come up with ideas which you never even would have thought about. While all of them might not pay off, you would definitely like the idea of testing your boundaries.

All in all, these are some of the reasons that you should consider hiring a life coach for.

estate planning basics

Common Myths About Estate Planning

Estate planning is common nowadays. No one can escape death and, therefore, there is a need to ensure that you plan well for your estate to help your family and relatives while you are alive. However, there have been a lot of myths regarding estate planning. Some are as a result of society exaggerations and false reports. Below is a list of myths that we will debunk with reasons.

1) Without a will, my estate goes to the state

This is totally wrong. When you die without writing a will or having a trust, your assets and property automatically go to your relatives, your spouse, your children your parents etc. However, this all depends on different states rules in different countries across the world. Your estate property only goes to the state if you have no surviving relatives or very close friends. That not withstanding, it is important that you have a will or trust so that you can leave your estate property to your loved ones or charities you loved participating in.

2) All my property is distributed according to my will

As I said before, it is safe to have a will. But your will is not fool proof and can be contested by your relatives if they feel that it is not right. You may write your will allocating property to your family members but later they may feel that there is no equal or fair distribution. This can cause court contesting of your will during the probate process. This is a win or lose situation depending on the court’s decision. Therefore, it is important to agree with your family members and relatives before estate planning to prevent conflicts.

3) Having a trust avoids estate tax

This is not true. Many people believe that having a trust will ensure that your estate and property will not be taxed. Trusts do not avoid payment of estate tax. It might seem simple but I suggest seeking legal advice from a qualified lawyer during your estate planning.

4) Probate process is costly and takes time

The probate process is a legal process that involves proving of a will in a court. Probate costs include court legal fees, attorney fees and other costs but they are not that high compared to costs one incurs when you avoid the probate process. Dealing with it early can reduce the amount of time taken battling it in court.

5) Estate planning is for the old

This is another great myth that fills people’s minds. This is basically not true because there are young people who, unfortunately, die early interstate. It is, therefore, very important for any person regardless of age to plan well for their estate (see the website) to prevent conflicts in courts after they have kicked the bucket. Age is just a number and death does not recognize that number.

estate planning basics

6) Estate planning does not require a lawyer

There is a notion that those who are not very rich do not require an attorney while those with extensive estates definitely need one. However, problems can arise regarding your estate no matter how large or small it is. You will automatically need an attorney at that point. Therefore, finding an attorney for legal advice regarding your estate early on can help you to avoid hiring one later on.

There you have it, folks! Writing a will does not have to be shrouded in mystery and myths. We have busted some of them for you. Now it’s your turn to talk to a professional who will explain the process to you in greater detail.

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